Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Too doggone cold

It was 5 degrees (F) when I got up this morning. I wish to file a formal complaint!

I have mounds of laundry waiting to be washed.

WW is going well - last week only showed a 1-pound loss, but that still brings me down to 184. I started in September at 196, so HURRAY! My jeans are so loose now that I can pull them down without unfastening them. Last night I finally found my belt, which made my jeans feel much more comfortable. I have a box full of various smaller sizes, which I'll pull out when I hit 180. My Mom has already plundered the box, but she's 60 pounds lighter than I am, so I don't think I'll have to duke it out with her for jeans that fit. The two pairs that do fit right now are both 14s, but are pretty stretchy. I tried on two other 14s last night, but they were too snug. Oh well, it's coming. Slow and easy wins the race!

Back to the cold - I have various sets of clothing I wear out to do chores. There's the wool sweater, which has been a standard piece of gear since early December. Some days I top it with a down vest. Other days I wear a winter jacket over it. Then there are days like today, when I'll wear the jacket AND the vest. And a fleece-lined wool hat. And still be cold. I already have cotton leggings on under my sweat pants, and a turtleneck, wool vest, and wool sweater on here in the house, and I'm cold. My fingers are clumsy and slow. It's 54 degrees here at my desk, though the fire's been going for more than two hours. *sigh* I'm going to remind myself of the AWFUL flea problems we had last summer due to last winter not being cold and snowy enough to kill them off well. But really, fleas are pretty far from my radar right now. *sigh*

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  1. Too doggone cold is right! I am ready for spring!

    And YAY you!! You are doing fabulous! Down 12 lbs total since September (and you weren't doing WW for 3 of those months!) is fantastic! You can do this!! I know you can. You are right on the slow and easy wins the race! This is a lifestyle change - not a diet - you are learning to make better choices, better portions and learning how to eat better and more conscientiously. You are making progress! I am so proud of you, my friend! Keep it up!!