Friday, January 11, 2013

a happy, but caloric, day

It's raining. It's JANUARY. I wish to protest that rain, not snow, is falling. I like snow. I like the ground to be frozen. It means no mud. *sigh* There is still snow, but it's icy on top.

WW has been going well, for the most part. I was hungry today, though. I'm allotted 27 points per day. Today was a 44 point day. For the week, it has looked like this:

Monday: 31 points (27 daily, 4 [of 35] weekly)
Tuesday: 38 points (27 daily, 11 [of 35] weekly)
Wednesday: 30 points (27 daily, 3 [of 35] weekly)
Thursday: 33 points (27 daily, 6 [of 35] weekly)
Friday: 44 points (27 daily, 17 [of 35] weekly)

I have 8 weekly points left for Saturday and Sunday. And, I have to say, I feel pretty icky tonight. Bleah.

I started in September at 196. I lost 7 of those during December due to cold -> flu -> sinus infection. Not a fun way to lose weight, but it was my lemonade from all the lemons. I started WW at 189 on January 1st. I've seen 184 one morning this week - but Monday is my weigh-in day, so we'll see how the weekend goes. For reference, my goal is to lose 25% of my body weight. From the 196 figure that'd be 147; from the 189 figure it'd be 142.5. I figure 145 is a reasonable goal. I was 135 pre-children, but I don't think I could get there and stay there AND be healthy.

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