Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Welcome to Blessed Acre Farm and Rabbitry!

Thanks for stopping by!

Blessed Acre Farm and Rabbitry has been a dream of mine for years. I had thought I'd move to a farm, but instead I've decided to make my current home (on 1.3 acres, partly wooded) into my dream farm.

Presently my four children, three retrievers and I enjoy several large garden beds, the company of our flock of 26 pullets (who will start laying soon - check back often for information on fresh free-range eggs) and our rabbit herd.

As of today's date, we have 62 rabbits on the property. We raise pedigreed Cinnamons, Cremes d'Argent, and Californians, for show, meat, and pets. We also have two "mutt" dwarf rabbits, who are pets, and a very sweet French Angora-looking buck we took in when he needed a new home.

We have available the following rabbits:

*a litter of 8 Californian/Cinnamon crosses, all with Californian markings, born July 1st
*a litter of 5 Californian/Cinnamon crosses, 3 with Californian markings, 2 all black, born July 2nd
*a litter of 6 Cinnamon/Californian crosses, 4 Cinnamon colored, 2 all black, born July 11th

Coming available soon:

*a litter of 6 purebred, pedigreed Californians born August 6th (available October 1st)
*a litter of 7 purebred Cinnamons born September 2nd (available October 28th)
*a litter of 7 purebred, pedigreed Californians born September 2nd (available October 28th)
*a litter of 8 purebred, pedigreed Cinnamons born September 12th (available November 7th)

Upcoming anticipated litters: two purebred Californian does are due October 2nd. One doe is pedigreed, the other is not.

Future events:
We will be breeding our Cremes d'Argent in the spring, around the beginning of March. This gorgeous breed is the 12th rarest in the United States according to the list from the ARBA convention in 2006 (will be updated in October 2009), and is on a "watch" status with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.
We are looking forward to acquiring a quartet of American Blues in early November, and will be breeding them in early spring as well! This stunning, heritage breed is THE RAREST in the United States as of the 2006 list. American Blues are on a "critical" status with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. We estimate that there are only about 400 adult American Blues in the United States and Canada.

Come by again soon! I will put up pictures this weekend.

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  1. hi Michelle,
    your blog looks gr8!
    We may be interested in one of your purebred Cinnamon does. Will talk w/you soon about this! Either litter is fine, pedigree not required, just purebred doe.