Wednesday, March 19, 2014

First garden seeds sown indoors!

Why is it that the blog always falls by the wayside? There are always so many ideas in my head. Oh well.

I started the first garden seeds yesterday, which are now setting on the heat mats in the basement. I sowed artichokes, broccoli (Diplomat, as recommended by my CSA farmer, and De Cicco), cauliflower (Vitaverde), kale, and lettuce (Flashy Troutback). I really wanted to start my tomatoes, but it's too early. Really. I try to go by the fabulous text from local gardeners Jennifer and Ron Kujowski, "Gardening Week by Week." I'm still too far from my last frost date (not to mention all the snow and ice still in my yard) for starting tomatoes.


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  2. Michele, I do indeed live in the Pioneer Valley, currently I'm outside of Springfield but intend on moving to Northampton by the springtime.

    I'd love to have a cuppa with you! My email address is, write me an email and let's make a date.

    best wishes,