Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mass breakout at Azkaban... er, back of the yard

Lydia, the farm collie, was just chasing something in the back yard. I went out to see what she had... if it was vermin, then "Good dog!" And if it was a rabbit, then "Good dog!" and catch the rabbit.

It was a rabbit, a baby Cinnamon. Hm. There shouldn't be any way for a baby Cinnamon to get out of its cage. The cages are all fairly new, solid, and without any holes in the wires.

Except... where the feeder goes. Ah. It was the cage with the doe who keeps chucking all her food out of the feeder, and she managed to dislodge the feeder itself, and she and her entire litter escaped through the hole. Swell.

6:35: Lydia catches the first of the babies.

6:50: Lydia catches the mother rabbit.

Oddly, I'm not stressed out at all, as I would formerly have been at the notion of an entire litter being out of its cage. I have every confidence that by sundown, Lydia will have recaptured every last rabbit. At the moment, she seems to have them all trapped under the shed. They'll come out eventually, though, and she's got nothing but time!

Three more babies to find....

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