Monday, January 31, 2011

Enough! Basta! Genug!

From (my local NBC affiliate):

Snowfall so far this season & records:

November: 0.2"
December: 6.7"
January: 40.5" - A new record!!
Total: 47.4"

Seasonal Average (Dec, Jan, Feb): 36.4"

Yearly average: 49.4"

Monthly record: 48.0" (March, 1956)

Seasonal record: 107.7" (1996)

and 12-24" forecast for Tuesday through Wednesday night.



  1. Wow. Good thing you like your kids so much, hayna? We don't get that much snow--though we're about to get about 20 inches--but the ice is horrible. Stay warm, chica. Snuggle those kids--they're good for all sorts of body heat.

  2. Ich habe genug indeed. Over in Boston we're getting too much as well. We've had something like four significant snow storms -- I've seen maybe ONE in the other two winters I've been here.

    At least you have lots to keep cozy with in your house.