Sunday, January 24, 2010

a busy weekend

Saturday morning I went to the 4-H Rabbit Workshop at the Blackstone Valley Technical High School. There was a focus on commercial breeds this time. Nancy had asked me to bring a Creme d'Argent so that the kids could see what they look like. I also brought 4 Californian does and 3 Californian bucks for the "judging" class. Roger Cota taught that one - he's our District 7 ARBA director as well as a seasoned judge. It was really interesting to learn how to judge among similar rabbits. It was great to hang out with so many rabbit people! I saw my friend Lisa, and had a chance to talk to some of the youth about things like mastitis (yuck), does who eat their babies (also yuck), butchering (kind of yuck).

This morning I went to church, then drove out toward Albany to meet Rick K to trade a trio of 16 week old Californians (I chose which ones to give him with Roger's help - nice!) for seven 9 week old Cremes - 3 does and 4 bucks. They're full siblings to my buck, though....

When I got back, I did butchering of the rest of the Cals. The males were getting a bit too rowdy, and have been waking my neighbors up at night by thumping. Not ok!!! I also ended up butchering a chicken who was SUPPOSED to be a pullet, but had started crowing. Not only am I not zoned for roosters, but the same neighbors really deserve NOT to be awakened that way. Since it was 33 degrees and raining, I broomsticked on the back patio, then did everything else inside. I cooked the heads and feet so I can feed them to the dogs and/or chickens, saved the livers and kidneys for the dogs, and put the rest of the guts down the disposer. Nice quick cleanup.

We have a flash flood watch for tomorrow - though it's 33* out now, it's forecast to reach 52 tomorrow with heavy rain. I don't particularly want the snow to disappear! It's only a couple of inches, and when it goes, I'll end up with mud. LOTS of mud. Despite the forecast, I'm heading out early to check out a cookstove I found on Craigslist. I really, really want one! Being able to heat and cook with fuel from my own property has a lot to recommend it.


  1. We have the mud problem here, too, because of the melted snow. It's terrible for the farmers; they can't even take the tractors out to the fields, because they sink so deep. It's hard on the horses, too, who also sink and strain their muscles walking through the deep mud.

    I learn so much reading your blogs, Michelle! And I'm glad you killed the rooster--I really hate roosters. After spending a week in Haiti, where I was awoken every morning WAY before dawn by the same stupid rooster (IN the city!), I hope I never hear one again. I'm sure your neighbors appreciate it!

  2. Hey Kat - your comment got lost in my spam folder! *is sad* We've had lots more mud here, but there's snow forecast starting later tonight. Hurray! I'm so tired of brown grass and mud.

    I had two more roosters start crowing last weekend. Off with 'is head! I've got one more maybe-roo left, and I'm watching it closely....